Frozen Paint

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As the temperatures drop this winter, sometimes we find that paint in our basement or storage shed has frozen.  What do we do with it now?  Throw it out?  Oh, no.  Paint is way to costly to simply throw it out.  Besides, there are many laws and regulations regarding paint disposal.  Please check with your town or county waste disposal department.  But, back to frozen paint.  The paint may be just fine, or it may have lost some of its strength or shine.  For interior paint, there is less concern, but for exterior especially when it will be in sunlight, caution is urged.  Here it is recommended plan…


  • Since there are so many different formulations and grades of latex semi-gloss paint, contacting the manufacturer directly would be the wisest choice. Manufacturer phone numbers are printed on every paint can label, and you should be able to talk to a coatings scientist. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) can be found on each manufacturer’s website for extensive data on the paint formula.

    It would appear that the only risk from using previously frozen semi-gloss paint inside the home may be lower or uneven sheen. Using the paint on the exterior of a home where it’s exposed to sunlight could cause it to fail earlier than it should.

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